“The amazing heroic women in labour, they are the truest inspiration, and when they push their babies into the light…I am astonished every time.”

Robin Lim

A Doula’s Role

The word “Doula” comes from the Greek word meaning “woman’s servant”.

Women have been supported traditionally by a companion during childbirth and there is good evidence that this continuous support is beneficial for the woman/birthing person and the baby.

A Doula is a trained, non-medical professional who can provide physical, emotional and evidence based informational support before, during and after a baby is born. This can help women feel in control of their labour and birth, contributing to better outcomes for babies and a more positive birth experience. Statistics show that having a Birth Doula can lead to,

a 50% reduction in caesarean rates

25% shorter labour 

60% reduction in epidurals 

30% reduction in requests for pain relief 

40% reduction of forceps/ventouse

(Klaus, Kennell and Klaus 1993)

Postnatally, the Doula is there to help women settle into life with their new baby. With the absence of “a village” in our culture many new parents have very little experience of new babies. We help mothers grow in confidence, we “mother the mother”, we listen without judgement. 

Every birthing person and their family will have their own idea or expectation of a Doula. It’s a good idea to talk or meet a few to make sure you find someone who you connect with.

My commitment is to nurture you with calm positivity during your pregnancy, labour and beyond. To hold space for you so that you feel safe and empowered.

To hold a baby…or hold a parent as I know the postnatal period can sometimes feel overwhelming.




As A Birth Doula, I promote life-changing support for birthing people throughout labour and beyond, regardless of circumstance, by offering both physical and emotional support.