Client Testimonials

Here’s what my clients say:

“She was absolutely the best”…

We needed someone who would hear us and help us achieve what we wanted. And we got exactly what we hoped for….. a space protector, a wishes guardian, Sophie completed the puzzle.
Katy – fourth baby and homebirth September 2020 Oxon

“A lovely, calming influence”…

She takes the time to listen to the challenges of having a newborn, providing good evidence based information and is trustworthy and patient.
Tim – Dad of newborn – August 2020 Bucks

“She has been invaluable”…

Sophie is always calm, patient and cheerful. She has been a tremendous emotional support and practical help to us.
Emma – First time Mum – June 2020 Bucks

“I felt instantly comfortable”…

She came into our home and fitted right into the chaos and routine, she made me feel instantly comfortable. Sophie is such a lovely person, everyone in the family loved having her with us, even our dog!
Nicky – Mum of Twins – August 2019 Bucks

“We are so thankful”…

Sophie was fantastic in helping us with our baby. She was so understanding and gentle, giving us constant support for as long as we needed her.
Phoebe- First time Mum – July 2019 London

“We wish we had found her when our first child was born”

Sophie’s support greatly aided my recovery post-birth. She was kind,very calm and professional, my feeding choices were supported.
Sophie – Mum of newborn. Wallingford 2021